Barstow Gravels Agate/Japser

Barstow Gravels
The Barstow Gravels are an expansive gravel bar that formed under what was once the largest prehistoric lake in California. This alluvial field of multi colored mixed small agate and jasper rocks are ideal for landscaping around patios, flower beds, walkways and pools; while mid-range stones can be used to provide ground structure for drainage areas and flood planes, retaining walls, barriers, and other fortifying structures.

  • Various alluvial agates/jaspers/colorful rock; including common opalite & chalcedony
  • aggregate rocks ranging from 1 – 10 inches
  • Boulders various size
  • Natural Veneers, Cutting Boards, tiles, monuments cut to order
  • Semi-precious Cutting Rough per 50kilo bag