Rock Varieties

Sleeping Desert Dragon

Sleeping Desert Dragon Jasper

Brown/Red/Tan Jasper & Agate mixture with lots of wild patterns

Mojave Sunrise

Mojave Sunrise Silicated Travertine

White silicated limestone with voids filled in with clear semi-precious agate, clear with tangerine, crimson and black dendritic inclusions.

Easter Egg Chapenite

Patterned agates/jaspers/opalite silicate mix; pinks, beiges, salmon, green, and mochas

Rocky Ridge Opalite

glossy semi-translucent earthly colors; tans, olives, creams, pinks and golden honey browns

Barstow Gravels Agate/Jasper Field

Barstow Gravels Agate/Japser

Various alluvial agates/jaspers/colorful rock; including common opalite & chalcedony

Epidote in Quartz

Dragon Scale Epidote in Quartz

opaque to translucent quartz included with both solid, mass like epidote and crystallized mineralization