Mojave Sunrise Silicated Travertine

Mojave Sunrise

Mojave Sunrise Claim, ridge of monumental boulders

This Mojave Sunrise Travertine ledge consists of boulders measuring up to 4 feet in length; enabling stones for counter tops, table tops, seats, monuments, and larger landscaping projects. Through this outcropping runs colorful agatized veins in a range of orange and red hues. The expansive field of smaller rocks, are ideal for landscaping around patios, flower beds and pools, run off drainage, filtering substrate, ground cover, or weed control; while mid-range stones can be used to provide soil structure for drainage areas and flood planes, and soil erosion control, creating retaining walls, barriers, and other fortifying structures, or used in the fabricating freestanding structures.

  • White silicated limestone with voids filled in with clear semi-precious agate, clear with tangerine, crimson and black dendritic inclusions.
  • Glow Green in UV light Possible Calcite Impurities
  • aggregate rocks ranging from 1 – 10 inches
  • Boulders various size
  • Natural Veneers, Counter tops, tables tops, monuments, fire rings cut to order
  • Semi-precious Cutting Rough per 50kilo bag