Rocky Ridge Opalite

Rocky Ridge Oplaite

Rocky Ridge Oplaite is found on rocky outcroppings within a small vicinity

Rocky Ridge Opalite protrude from through out the ridge; sliding down the washes, spreading out onto the surrounding alluvial fields. The material it a mix of silicated semi-translucent opalite in tans, olives, creams, pinks and golden honey browns, with select pieces show minor schiller effect. Multi-colored mixed small silicated aggregate is ideal for landscaping around patios, flower beds, walkways and pools; while mid-range stones can be used to provide ground structure for drainage areas and flood planes, retaining walls, barriers, and other fortifying structures.

  • glossy semi-translucent earthly colors; tans, olives, creams, pinks and golden honey browns
  • aggregate rocks ranging from 1 – 10 inches
  • Natural Veneers, slabs, bookends cut to order
  • Semi-precious Cutting Rough per 50kilo bag