Semi-precious Cutting Rough

tumbled Jasper
Semi-Precious Cutting & Polishing Rough is sold in 50 kilo sacks, for $220 per bag. The material chosen for our Semi-Precious Cutting Rough is hand selected for color, lack of cracks or imperfection, pattern, and overall quality; making it ideal for tumbling, polishing, slabbing, and cabbing.

Our Premium Semi-Precious Stone aggregate can also be used in landscaping around patios, flower beds and pools, run off drainage, filtering substrate, ground cover, or weed control, just like I regular grade material, only with a much bolder look. Use our Semi-Precious Cutting Rough as an accent to your custom landscaping or remodeling project.

  • silicated material in sizes 1 – 8 inches
  • 5 material varieties available
  • 50 kilos (110 lbs.) per Bag
  • $220 per Bag at $2 per pound

mixed size agatized cutting material
White silicated limestone with voids filled in with clear semi-precious agate, clear with tangerine, crimson and black dendritic inclusions. Glows Green in UV light
$220 / 50kilo Bag

small to medium sized agatized cutting material
opaque to translucent quartz included with vibrant mossy green epidote
$200 / 50kilo Bag